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Car ownership among young people around the world has been falling at record levels over the past ten years. Take the UK for example - in the 1990s around 50 percent of people between the ages of 17 and 20 had a driving license. By 2018 that ratio had fallen to 33 percent.

The US has a very different relationship with cars than most other countries, including the UK. Much of the human-created geography of the US is structured so that getting around without some kind of personal transportation is practically impossible. The number of households that have access to a vehicle has remained steady at around 93 percent for the past decade.

There are fears though that millennials in the US may start to follow the trends set by their cousins across the pond, and that car ownership among the young in the US may start to falter. Here then are some very good reasons why car ownership is something anyone should seriously consider as soon as they are old enough to learn how to drive.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 15, 2014) Ð U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year. These crashes cause a half-million injuries and take 6,000 lives annually. To help raise the visibility of this critical issue, Nissan has partnered with NBC Universal and Adam Levine to promote ÒRed Thumb DayÓ Ð inspired by ÒRed Thumb Reminder,Ó a program created by Steve Babcock of EVB advertising. Marking your thumb serves as an important reminder to not text and drive.

Express Your Independence

Learning to drive and owning your first car has always been seen as a rite of passage in the US, and rightly so. As children start to approach the end of their teens, they will want to explore the world on their own terms and not be thwarted by the availability of their parents, and the limitations of public transport. Home will always be home, but a whole world of destinations opens up to anyone as soon as they take possession of the keys to their first, privately-owned vehicle.

Have More Time to Do What You Want

Getting from Point A to Point B in a car is relatively simple. You get in your car at Point A, then drive it to Point B, and then you get out again. The biggest issue you may face is finding some place to park your car at Point B, but that’s about it.

Compare that to public transport. There may not be a bus or train stop at Point A or Point B, so you’ll have to walk to get there. You may also have to spend time planning the logistics around your day, as you cannot simply summon a bus or train at will (there are cabs and Ubers of course, but they are much more expensive). Then there’s the journey itself – full of stops as passengers get on and get off. Typically, the same journey by public transport takes at least two and a half times as long than via a vehicle – is that time you can afford to waste?

Owning a Car Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Purchasing or leasing a car may not be cheap, and keeping it running costs more than a few cents, but car ownership is significantly cheaper than alternative transport options. Every cent you spend on public transport is a cent lost, but as long as you keep your vehicle in a reasonable condition, it will retain a good percentage of its value when the time comes to upgrade.

Mile-for-mile, a car is also the cheapest means of travel when compared to public transport (two to three times more expensive) and private transport (twenty to thirty times more expensive).

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