Christmas 2019 Events and Activities in McAllen, TX

For this Christmas and holiday season, don’t stay inside the whole time! There are plenty of wonderful Christmas events in the McAllen area for the whole family to attend. Even though the days are short, there are lots of ways to spend your December sharing good holiday cheer.
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What are some Back to School 2019 events near Harlingen TX?

Whether your kids are ready or not, back to school season is here. Before they get into the full swing of things, Harlingen has some back to school events to kick off the school season and give summer a finale. Keep reading to find some back to school events to celebrate the upcoming 2019/2020 school year. 
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How to Celebrate Father’s Day 2018 in the Rio Grande Valley

When brainstorming ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2018, our team at Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen has been reminiscing about some of our favorite memories with our dads. While there are countless memories to choose from, we did find a few common themes between them.
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Where to Volunteer on Memorial Day Weekend 2018 in Southern Texas

How do you and your family typically spend Memorial Day? Do you have any annual traditions like fishing, camping, or golfing? What about a road trip to one of your favorite vacation destinations? Then again, there’s nothing wrong with a classic family gathering.
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