Christmas 2019 Events and Activities in McAllen, TX

For this Christmas and holiday season, don’t stay inside the whole time! There are plenty of wonderful Christmas events in the McAllen area for the whole family to attend. Even though the days are short, there are lots of ways to spend your December sharing good holiday cheer.
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Where can I buy a Christmas tree near Harlingen, TX?

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. Before you can decorate it, you need to find the perfect one! There are plenty of places near you in Harlingen that have a selection of real trees for you to choose from. Keep reading below to learn more!
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Best Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner in the Rio Grande Valley

When people hear that everything is bigger in Texas, they often think of steaks, plates, hats, boots, etc. Just like anything else in the ‘Lone Star State,’ our holiday celebrations are also bigger than the rest! Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is no exception.
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Best Cities in South Texas for New Year’s Eve 2017

The Rio Grande Valley is always full of spirit, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of festivities happening in the area for New Year’s Eve 2017. With so many great options, our team at Charlie Clark Nissan thought you may want a little help with choosing where to party. Keep on reading to check out our top choices of where to celebrate NYE 2017 in South Texas.
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Thanksgiving 2017 Races and Turkey Trots near Harlingen, TX

The whole team at Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Between our incredible customers and all of the new Nissan cars in our inventory, there’s a lot to celebrate! We are always dedicated to listening to our customers and a lot of people have been asking if there are any Thanksgiving 2017 races and turkey trots near Harlingen, TX. That’s precisely why we’ve made this list of races happening in the area during Thanksgiving weekend 2017. Keep on reading to learn more!
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Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 near Harlingen, TX

The Rio Grande Valley has countless great places for grabbing a meal every single day of the year, and that includes Thanksgiving weekend! We’ve compiled a list with some of the top restaurants serving Thanksgiving weekend 2017 near Harlingen, TX and we highly recommend checking it out! Keep on reading to learn more!
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Things to Do for Halloween 2017 in the Harlingen area

Texas isn’t the average state, especially in terms of spooky and scary stories. Ever heard of a little movie called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? It’s just one of countless stories that make Texas one of the most iconic states during Halloween season.
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Where to Watch Football Games in the Harlingen area

Texans always love a good game of football; and they also love a good night out. Needless to say, there a lot of people asking, “What are the best sports bars in Harlingen, TX?” Keep on reading to learn all about some of our favorite spots in the area!
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Where to Find the Best Ice Cream and Froyo in the Harlingen area

A summer in Texas is never boring. For instance, there are plenty of great Summer 2017 outdoor events and activities in the Harlingen area.
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Where to Find Locally Grown Fresh Produce in the Harlingen area

When people come to Texas, they expect everything to be bigger. The slabs of barbecued meat on their plates, the belt buckles, the boots, and just about everything else. One thing that tends to get overlooked in Texas is the fresh produce. And yes, it, too, is bigger.
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