Why Car Shoppers Love Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen Orale! Pass? Safety Above All!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for virtually every single person on our planet, largely because of the global pandemic. No matter your personal views on the coronavirus, it remains your duty to think of and respect the needs and health of all the people in Harlingen, Texas, the United States and beyond.

Despite life becoming restricted in many ways, it still has to continue, and people need automobiles. Whether it’s because your old vehicle is no longer roadworthy, your family has grown and your current car cannot cope with the numbers, or you simply feel you need an upgrade, people in 2020 have still been shopping for cars …

… and people have still been flocking to Charlie Clark Nissan and for all the right reasons too – an amazing choice of available vehicles, unparalleled customer service and additional options that always go that extra yard. In 2020 at Charlie Clark Nissan we had added yet another reason to come and visit us if you are looking for your next vehicle – we put our customer’s safety above all other considerations.

Charlie Clark Nissan – Where the Customer Always Comes First and Always Will

The Charlie Clark Orale Pass is the ultimate way of purchasing a car without ever needing to leave the comfort of your own home. The first step involved is to look through our extensive online inventory, which usually contains over 800 vehicles for you to choose from.

Step two is to check the payment options that are available for you. This can be done online as well of course. Work out your current budget and apply any incentives that we current offer that you feel you can take advantage of. Make sure you choose the correct terms for your financing  and add protection items if you feel the need.

If you have a current vehicle then you should be eligible for a trade-in. You can find out the current trade-in value of your automobile by using our trade-in calculator. Enter the make and model of your vehicle, the year it was constructed and the vehicles’ current mileage.

If you are approved for financing, then a member of the Charlie Clark Nissan sales team will be in touch to confirm the details and to discuss anything else that needs to be discussed. Once everything has been given the green light your vehicle and the necessary paperwork will be delivered to your home or office.

Car buying made simple and safe – you really cannot beat that!

Despite the Global Pandemic, Charlie Clark Nissan   Continues to be Open for You

Here at Charlie Clark Nissan we take concerns about the coronavirus and our customer’s health and safety very seriously indeed. While our showroom remains open, we have taken a number of safety measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.

We’ve always kept the communal areas of our dealership spotlessly clean and that is something we continue to do. Waiting rooms, bathrooms and operational areas are all cleaned and disinfected on a strictly regular basis. All our maintenance staff have received extensive training so they can do their job to the high standards we demand.

Any employee at Charlie Clark Nissan who is displaying signs of being unwell – should their symptoms be related to the coronavirus or not – are told to remain at home for their own safety and for the safety of our customers. We also ask all employees to refrain from any kind of physical contact with other people.

If You are Looking for Your Next Vehicle Then Come and Pay Us a Visit at Charlie Clark Nissan

For the people of Harlingen, Texas and the surrounding areas there is no better way of getting behind the wheel of a new automobile that will truly be loved – just visit the car dealership of Charlie Clark Nissan. You can even start your search without ever leaving the comfort of your own home by checking the vehicles available in our extensive online inventory.

You are of course also most welcome to visit our safe and secure dealership on W. Expressway in Harlingen, Texas. You can contact us by phone at (956) 303-8780 or online through our contact form.

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Why Car Shoppers Love Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen Orale! Pass? Safety Above All!

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