Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: Reasons the Nissan Murano is the Best SUV for Families

Families who live, work, and play in the Harlingen, TX area should have the Nissan Murano at the top of their list when shopping for a new vehicle. This award-winning SUV has been described as a silky highway ride with an upscale cabin.

With the new Murano, Nissan may have cracked the code on creating a luxurious feel without charging luxury prices. Reviews are putting the Murano on the same playing field as the Lexus RX, which has a starting price of more than $12,000 above the Murano.

The Nissan Murano provides an incredibly high benefit to cost ratio for families who are not under compulsion to be seen driving a luxury brand. Experts are raving about the smooth transmission, gentle suspension, and overall quiet ride thanks to the well-insulated cabin. U.S. News & World Report even named the Nissan Murano ‘Best 2-Row SUV for the Money’ and the updated 2020 model only builds on the value from previous years.

Keep Your Family Safe in a New Nissan Murano

The good news is that safety does not take a backseat to comfort and luxury. With trim packages that include heated mirrors, intelligent cruise control, and rear sonar, the number of features keeping your family safe continues to grow. These modern features are especially helpful for families who have young and inexperienced drivers at the wheel.

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility features allow you to travel with confidence. A 360-degree monitoring of your Murano removes all doubt of what lies ahead, behind, or to the side of your comfortable SUV while on the road. Automatic braking and blind spot warning are just two of the many ways the Murano provides drivers some assistance to keep them out of harm’s way and avoid an unfortunate incident.

The list of technological advancements employed by the Murano is mind-blowing. Intelligent lane intervention gently engages the brakes to gently guide you back to center and traffic sign recognition detects road signs so that you can stay informed of the speed limit on whatever stretch of road you find yourself.

Drivers even get some assistance with parking when it comes to the Nissan Murano. The Intelligent Around View monitor provides a bird’s eye view and detects moving objects near the vehicle so blind spots are fully accounted for.

The Convenience of the Murano Keeps Everyone in the Family Happy

Not only are safety and comfort part of the experience when it comes to the Murano, but so is convenience. For example, the vehicle retains the settings for each driver and syncs with that driver’s specific key, adjusting to the right fit at the touch of a button. Passengers can also warm up or cool off conveniently from their seat in the cabin.

The convenience does not end with just the controls and technology. The spacious cargo area features a generous 67 cubic feet of space to haul sports equipment to and from practice or lots of luggage for your next family getaway.

Not only does the space provide lots of room, but it also adapts to your specific needs. The motion activated liftgate conveniently opens without the need to pull a handle or even push a button. Big, bulky items slide right in and the split second row makes hauling large items easy. From surfboards and beach chairs to skis and camping equipment, the Nissan Murano has the space to haul it all for your family.

Others Agree that the Nissan Murano is a Great Choice

Comfort was clearly high on the list of priorities for designing and manufacturing the Murano. Families looking for a compact yet comfortable way to get around town have their ideal option. For hopping from activity to activity, the Nissan Murano fits the bill perfectly. Other owners obviously agree. According to J.D. Power, the Nissan Murano is one of the highest consumer rated SUVs on the market today.

When you are ready to check out the Nissan Murano for your family, Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen offers big savings to make it an even more affordable option. Charlie Clark Nissan even offers savings of more than $7,000 on some models. Call Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen at (956) 734-2490 or visit our website to see available vehicles and chat with a friendly associate.


Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: Reasons the Nissan Murano is the Best SUV for Families

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