Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: The Benefits of Financing a Vehicle from a New Car Dealership

When it comes to financing a new or used car, most buyers have options. However, not all these options are created equal. Understanding the benefits of financing a new vehicle through the dealership at which it is purchased allows buyers to make the best decision for their investment.

The most obvious benefit of financing through a new car dealership is the convenience. Being able to take care of all the paperwork for purchasing a new vehicle at one location saves buyers from making multiple trips and multiple phone calls to a bank or credit union.

New Car Dealerships Offer More Buying Flexibility for Consumers

Financing a car through a new car dealership also allows more flexibility in purchasing a vehicle. Being preapproved by a bank or credit union beforehand can lock buyers into a specific number and, therefore, may not allow for getting the model or features they really want in their new car.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision and many buyers do so hoping the new ride will suit their needs for years to come. Being able to get exactly what will meet not only your current needs, but also those you anticipate in the future, is critical. Financing through the dealership allows more wiggle room to get the car, truck, or van with the right equipment for you.

There is Less Back and Forth When Financing Through the Dealership

Depending on your lender, banks and credit unions may require a buyer to submit specifics on the vehicle being purchased before issuing a letter of approval. If this is the case, the process can be delayed if you are unsure of exactly which vehicle you hope to purchase.

Again, financing with the dealership provides the convenience of a one stop shop. Buyers are not handcuffed to a specific number and can make last minute decisions at the time of purchase without spending days waiting for their lender to make a decision on the approval.

Dealership Financing Allows for a Greater Variety to Choose From

Many banks and credit unions will set limits on the vehicle you can purchase. In order to hedge against borrowers getting upside down with their loans and owing more than the vehicle is worth, banks and credit unions may only offer loans on vehicles within a certain range of years or mileage.

In order to qualify for a lower rate, banks and credit unions may require buyers to purchase a new vehicle. For those wanting to choose from a variety of used vehicles and avoid paying a higher price for a new vehicle, this requirement can put buyers in a bind.

Take Advantage of Dealer Financing

A new car dealership has the staff to do the work for you when it comes to financing your vehicle. Rather than being locked into a single bank or credit union, new car dealerships are able to provide options from multiple lenders so buyers can compare rates and choose terms that work best.

Thanks to established relationships with a broad array of financing institutions, new car dealerships have options that extend beyond the reach of the average consumer. The chances are much higher of a dealership finding buyers a loan with lower rates and lower payments.

When financing through a new car dealership, choosing a new car may also include incentives that make up for the higher price. Rather than being forced into purchasing a new car in order to qualify for a lower rate, many times these incentives will put buyers in a new vehicle for the same payment as a used car.

Convenience of Dealership Financing Extends Beyond In-Person

New car dealerships like Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley area even offer buyers the ability to get pre-approved for financing online. Whatever the credit situation, loan specialists can tailor a package that fits the needs of every buyer. With the right new car dealership, financing is available for all credit levels.

Not only does Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen have a wide variety of new and used cars to choose from, but is also a three-time Nissan Global Award winner for after-sales customer service and customer care. Call Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen at (956) 734-2490 or visit our website where you can apply for financing or schedule a test drive today.


Charlie Clark Nissan Blog: The Benefits of Financing a Vehicle from a New Car Dealership

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