What is the Nissan’s Easy-Fill Tire Alert System?

By Product Expert | Posted in Features on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 7:27 pm
Tires are a very important part of your vehicle. When properly inflated, your tires can save you fuel as well as last for thousands of miles longer. As the summer road trips approach us, be sure that your tires are properly inflated before you take off to save some gas money as well as keeping you from having to change a flat.

Nissan’s Easy-Fill Tire Alert system makes it easy for drivers to know when they need to add or subtract some air to their tires to keep them properly inflated. Continue reading to learn more about the Easy-Fill Alert system and how it can help you!

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How Does the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System Work?

Nissan’s Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is just that, easy! The dashboard inside of the Nissan vehicle will show the tire pressure of all four tires so that drivers are aware which tire or tires need air. To use the Easy-Fill Alert system, follow these simple steps:

  • Park the vehicle near an air pump and apply the parking brake
  • While in park, turn the vehicle’s engine off but leave the ignition on in accessory mode
  • Begin to put air into one of the tires
  • The exterior lights of the vehicle will start flashing indicating that the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is monitoring the change in air pressure
  • Once the correct tire pressure is reached the horn on the vehicle will sound
  • Stop inflating the tire and repeat on the other three
  • If a tire is over-inflated the horn will sound again and the hazard lights will flash notifying you that some air needs to be released

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