Nissan is Named a Leader in Sustainability for the Third Year in a Row

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2016 Nissan Sustainability Leadership

In recent years, companies around the world have started making an effort to be more sustainable in order to protect the planet for future generations. One of these companies is Nissan, which was named a leader in sustainability by the CDP because of all of its efforts that it has made so far, along with its plans for the future.

Nissan is One of the Most Sustainable Companies on Earth

Nissan greatly cares about the Earth and its natural resources, so the Japanese automaker is striving to be more sustainable with its manufacturing and products once they hit the market. Some of the ways the Japanese automaker is achieving this is by openly sharing environmental information and by offering the Nissan LEAF, which is one of the best-selling zero-emissions vehicles on the market.


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Nissan Corporate Citizenship Environmental Activities

In addition to clean manufacturing and offering environmentally-friendly products, Nissan Corporate has a citizenship program with several activities to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Some of these activities are the Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School (teaches students to consider environmental impact) and the EV Demonstration Programme (European-based activity to help drivers understand electric vehicles and their benefits).


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Future Environmental Goals for Nissan

Nissan has set many goals for itself when it comes to the environment. One of its biggest goals is that it wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from newly-produced models by 90 percent. The deadline for this goal is the year 2050.


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Nissan is Named a Leader in Sustainability for the Third Year in a Row - Charlie Clark Harlingen

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