Fall is the Perfect Time to Declutter the Garage!

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Disposing Automotive Wastes

There are two times a year when serious cleaning takes place: spring and fall. The latter usually involves a lot of decluttering. We all know that the one spot that usually needs a lot of work is the garage. You usually end up with plenty of automotive waste and clutter, and you want it gone so that you will easily be able to pull out those holiday decorations! But you can’t simply just throw away those wastes. Here are the proper ways to dispose automotive wastes.

Disposing Used Oil and Oil Filters

If you do your own oil changes, you will most likely have some used oil and oil filters sitting somewhere in your garage, taking up space. If your used oil is still sitting in the pan, pour it in a clear container (a milk jug is perfect) and take it, along with your used oil filters, to a designated drop-off location.


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Disposing Old Tires

Old tires definitely take up a lot of space in the garage! Make room by taking them to a recycling center that accepts them. Many tire centers and some auto parts stores will be more than happy to recycle those old tires for you as well!


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Disposing Used Car Batteries

It is not a good idea to leave used car batteries sitting around in the garage, as there is the risk of leaking. Take them to a local auto parts store that accepts them!


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Disposing Automotive Liquids

Several automotive liquids are easy to dispose! All you have to do is pour them in a pan of cat litter and let it evaporate over the course of a few days! Make sure to read the product’s label to verify proper disposal!

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Fall is the Perfect Time to Declutter the Garage! - Charlie Clark Harlingen

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