Tips to keep in mind when driving with children as passengers

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Child passenger safety tips for parents 

Safety is always important, especially while driving. When you are driving with a young child, there are some extra precautions you should take. We want to get into the tips right away so keep on reading to learn more about what you need to keep in mind before you drive with young passengers. 


Check the car seat’s expiration date 

Some people may not be aware, but it is always important to check to see what the expiration date is on their car seat. The car seats usually last for five years. The dates can be found stamped on printed on the bottom of the base. 

Remove winter jackets 

Even in Texas, it can get chilly during the winter. Make sure to always take off your child’s jacket before putting them into their car seats. You can always lay the jacket over your child after they have been buckled in. 


Keep kids under 13 in the back seat 

Most crashes are front impact crashes. Make sure to keep children under 13 in the backseat away from the airbag deployment zone. 

Know when to switch to a booster seat 

About 90% of parents move their kids from booster seats to a seat belt too soon, according to a Safe Kids Worldwide study. Make sure your child is at least 75-inches tall and weighs about 80-100 pounds before moving them to a seat belt. 


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Tips to keep in mind when driving with children as passengers - Charlie Clark Harlingen

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