First Steps to Follow After Being in an Accident

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No driver is ever prepared to be involved in an accident. You may hope to never be involved in a collision ever in your life, but it is still important to know what to do in case you are. Check out the list below for the first steps to take after being involved in an accident!

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What do I do after an accident?

  • Stay at the scene. You should never drive away after you have been involved in any type of collision. Turn your flashers on to help other drivers try to avoid causing a bigger backup.
  • Call the police. Inform them of where you are, how many vehicles were involved and if there are any injuries (that you know of). Once they arrive, be sure to give them an accurate report on what happened.
  • If the police do not respond to the incident, be sure to collect the information of the other drivers involved. Gather their name, contact information and insurance information. Police should collect all of this information for their report if they respond to the accident.
  • Contact your insurance company to report the accident. Most companies want to know right away when an accident happens and may want pictures of vehicle damage or personal injuries. You can also ask them about any medical coverage that you may have on your current plan.
  • As you receive any paperwork from the police, your insurance company or any medical bills, be sure to keep them all together. You may need to look back at them later on.

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First Steps to Follow After Being in an Accident - Charlie Clark Harlingen

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