When Should You Change Your Nissan Vehicle’s Brake Pads?

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When to Change Nissan Brake Pads

Nissan takes great pride in its vehicles and each model is equipped with several components to keep passengers and other motorists safe while on the road. Some of the most important components are the brakes. You use them every time you come to a stop sign, whenever wildlife decides to jump out in front of your Nissan, or when some jerk decides to cut you off on highway. In order to stop at a moment’s notice and avoid a collision, your brake pads need to be changed out regularly, and we want to share some advice regarding the best time to do so!

When Should I Check My Nissan’s Brake Pads?

You should check your brake pads regularly to ensure that you will always be able to stop quickly and easily. A great time to check your brake pads is whenever you change your Nissan’s oil!


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When Should I Change My Nissan’s Brake Pads?

The brake pads on your Nissan will typically work perfectly for about 50,000 miles. However, your driving style may cause a slight or drastic variation. If you have a tendency to stomp on your brakes at every stop light or “ride your brakes” when going downhill, you might have to change out those pads much sooner.


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How Do I Tell if My Brake Pads are Worn Out?

There are several symptoms that can indicate worn brake pads. Some of the most common are:

  • Squeaking/Squealing
  • Grinding/Growling
  • Vibrations

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