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You've likely heard of the Tesla brand and its broad line of electric vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 is the premier compact executive-style sedan of the Tesla electric lineup. Luxurious, with great range, and the signature Telsa performance, the Model 3 is an all arounder that can be a commuter car yet has the scope of a standard vehicle. But, does the versatility and luxury of the Tesla Model 3 enough to justify a slightly larger price tag than its competitors? Check out all the details below to determine if a used Model 3 suits you.

Used Tesla Model 3 Brownsville

Pros Of The Tesla Model 3

With its inception in 2017, the Model 3 from Tesla has boasted one of the best fully electric ranges of any EV on the road. On the lowest end, your maximum distance in a Model 3 will be around 220 miles, with the newest and boldest batteries can reach an incredible 325 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, thanks to Telsa's ever-growing supercharger charging station network sweeping over all the major highways, you can charge upwards of 40 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes.

While most EVs have sported notably bad to average performance at best, the Tesla Model 3 shucks that trend. Newer performance trim model Tesla 3s have upwards of 450 horsepower. The lowest-end Tesla Model 3 2017 still drives with an impressive 283 horsepower all-electric motor. Furthermore, you must absolutely test drive the Model 3 to fully appreciate its performance and superior handling, which are some of the most responsive in the EV market.


The Tesla Model 3 requires much less maintenance than other EVs and standard combustion vehicles. Thanks to the battery-operated motor, the Model 3, like other electric vehicles, has fewer moving parts and failure points than your classic car. There is no need for regular oil changes, and it can go thousands of miles without a visit to the mechanic.


Standard on all Tesla vehicles, Autopilot is Tesla's proprietary driver assistance artificial intelligence. Offering level 2 autonomous driving, Autopilot assists you by keeping the car in your lane, braking and accelerating with adaptive cruise control, and can even take you on or off freeway ramps.


Tesla is the epitome of audacious luxury, mimicking a minimalist aesthetic. The central infotainment screen in the Model 3 is a massive slate that controls everything from your music to climate. The rest of the interior is left to be smooth, and it may take some adjustment to get used to the hidden door handles and the lack of window controls on the side consoles.

Used Tesla Model 3 Brownsville

Cons Of The Tesla Model 3


The only drawback of the Tesla Model 3 is its higher-than-average cost of 10-20% more than other comparable EVs.


The Tesla Model 3 aims to bridge the gap between luxury EVs and the more affordable mass-appeal models. It does not compromise comfort, performance, or reliability, thus justifying its heftier price tag. Buying a used Tesla Model 3 is the best way to get into the EV economy and shed the shackles of gasoline-powered cars, saving you in the long run on the ever-growing cost of gas.

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