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The Nissan LEAF was the FIRST fully electric vehicle priced and made for the mass market. Joining the fray against a backdrop of luxury vehicles in 2011, the LEAF was a competitor aiming to carve out its niche within the market. Used Nissan LEAFs are reliable, affordable, and efficient little cars that compete with even the lowest price combustion cars. While it was released in 2011, the first generation is a slowly dying breed, and on most used lots, you are more likely to find the second generation, 2017 and onward, models, which is what we will explore below.

Used Nissan LEAF Brownsville

Pros Of The Used Nissan LEAF

Incredible Affordability

At the front of selling points for the Nissan LEAF is how easy it makes entering the electric vehicle scene. You are unlikely to find many compact cars for a better price than the LEAF, whether they are electric or standard combustion engines. Used 2017 Nissan LEAF EVs can come in at under $17,000, while the newest models retail for around $28,000.

Pro Pilot

Newer models of the Nissan LEAF feature Nissan's Pro Pilot autonomous driver assistance program. Nissan describes it as the following: "ProPILOT* is a revolutionary autonomous drive technology designed for highway use in single-lane traffic." (link). Pro Pilot operates a level 2 autonomous driving assist by providing straightforward, hands-free control to ease your driving experience.

Level 2 Autonomous Driving Features Include:

• Adaptive cruise control adjusts highway speeds to maintain distance and makes minor adjustments to speed depending on road conditions. • Stop-And-Go capability assists in making bumper-to-bumper traffic more bearable for anxiety-inducing commutes. • Lane centering assistance to maintain your speed and location in the lane.

Reliability With The LEAF

A used Nissan LEAF is one of the most reliable budget cars on the market. Thanks to the electric motor, it has lower than average repair and maintenance costs, never needing an oil change and requiring little upkeep on the battery.

Used Nissan LEAF Brownsville

Contested Points Of The Nissan LEAF


Depending upon the model year, you can expect some variance with the range of the LEAF. It is almost exclusively a city driver with only the newest vehicles having the capacity to go on short road trips with a single charge. The range of the standard 2017 LEAF tops out at 107, although that can dip slightly due to the age of the battery or weather conditions. The newest models of the LEAF sport a robust 212 miles on a single charge, which breaks it out of being little more than a commuter car.


The Nissan LEAF is a compact hatchback, and while by no means tiny, it is smaller compared to most vehicles on American highways. The LEAF is excellent for two adults and smaller folks in the back, but anyone of above-average height will struggle to find legroom with a fully loaded car.

Interior Design

Either you will see the Nissan LEAF as sleek and minimalist, or you will find it lacking. The LEAF has a tiny infotainment system and interior stylings that would fit into the early 2000s cloth chic style of older vehicles.

Charge Times

While charge times at home can take as little as 7 hours, an older model used Nissan LEAF EVs don't have the quick charging capabilities of most contemporary electric vehicles.

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A used Nissan LEAF is a great little commuter car with a low maintenance requirement and a great price tag. Call, go online, or come in today to test drive a used Nissan LEAF or check out all the other electric vehicles we have available now!

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