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Have you been looking to get yourself an eco-friendly vehicle but aren't ready or can't jump into a fully electric car? The Chevy Volt may be the answer to your necessities. With a short-range electric battery and highly efficient hybrid engine, this plug-in hybrid performs the best of both worlds and makes for a fantastic commuter car that retains its ability to take on any road trip. Check out below to learn all you need to know about purchasing a used Chevy Volt.

Used Chevrolet Volt Brownsville

Chevy Volt History

The Chevy Volt had a short model year run with its start in 2011 and eventual discontinuation in 2019 due to Chevy shifting its focus away from plug-ins and other hybrid types to dedicated EVs such as the similarly named Bolt. With its short run time, the Volt is relatively easy to break down. Due to this, all specs examples given in this article will be from the 2019 version. However, we will note when there is a significant difference between the early 2011s models and the newer used vehicles.

Plug-In Hybrid Capabilities

The plug-in hybrid styling of the Chevrolet Volt makes it one of the most efficient and eco-friendly vehicles on the road. In 2011 it could handle most daily commutes with its 35-mile range on a single charge without ever having to switch over to gas power. The newest models can reach an impressive 53 miles with one charge, allowing you to travel across even large cities on a single charge. Even if you jump off the electric motor and into gas, you can still expect to limit your carbon footprint while saving money on gasoline. On average, the Chevy Volt reaches around 42 MPG and, when combined with a full charge, can get upwards of 106 MPGe (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent)

However, what if you don't plug it in? While to get the most out of your used Chevy Volt, having the battery charged as much as possible, it is a perfectly competent hybrid vehicle that outperforms many complete hybrid cars of a similar model year.

Used Chevrolet Volt Brownsville

Features Of The Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt has more than just a snazzy battery motor. Inside all standard models include: • Touchscreen infotainment system • Dual USB ports in front • Bluetooth audio • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay • 10.3 cubic feet of extra cargo space

Premium trims add these extras:

• Leather heated seats • Heated steering wheel • Automated parking assist • Parking sensors • Eight-speaker Bose sound system

Chevy Volt Price

Like most compact Chevy vehicles, the Bolt comes reasonably priced for its complete package. When it debuted, the Chevy Bolt had an original sticker price of $41,595, although now you can find a used model for about $10k. Furthermore, 2019 models range from $18,000 - $32,000 for used vehicles depending on mileage, trim options, and condition.

Reliability In The Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt rates at a 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability, making it one of the most reliable and maintenance light alternative fuel vehicles on the road today. While it misses out on a perfect score due to some costs associated with repairs, there are no severe issues with the Chevy Volt, and it maintains a high level of build quality and performance.

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