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In 2017, the Chevy Bolt was at the cutting edge of technology when it was released to the public. The first generation reviewed accolades such as Motor Trend's car of the year and burned a path for mass consumer EVs that don't sacrifice comfort, range, and power for the sake of being inexpensive. But does the Chevy Bolt hold up, and what can you expect from used ownership?

Used Chevrolet Bolt Brownsville

Range Built For Extended Local Travel

The Chevy Bolt is, at its core, an electric vehicle, and with that comes some apparent drawbacks. No EV will drive from coast to coast without taking several long rests for charging, and the Bolt is no different. However, that does not mean that the Bolt cant push the expectations of electric vehicles. When it launched, the Bolt had a full charge range of 238 miles. With an update in 2022, the Bolt further expanded its maximum distance to an impressive 259 miles, keeping up with advances in battery technology and growing the charging options.

• How Does It Charge? Unless you purchase a new Chevy Bolt, you can expect to charge at home most of the time. If you do not have access to a 240v outlet, you can expect a lean 48 miles of charge daily, and it is perfect for local driving. However, if your commute is a short road trip, you may want to consider installing a 240v at-home charger and get from 10%-100% in as little as nine hours.

Accessible Cost For Everyone

Most electric vehicles with any range beyond a handful of miles on a single charge tend toward luxury prices which narrow the market and make entering the EV world a hurdle that most of us cannot leap. Yet, the Chevy Bolt has a focus on affordability. For example, when it launched in 2017, the Bolt retailed for $37,000 and has had a similar new price tag year over year.


The Bolt EV wouldn't be a Chevy if it didn't have some incredible reliability. As with all-electric vehicles, the Bolt does not require oil changes, needs fewer trips for maintenance, and will run for over 100,000 miles without quitting.

Used Chevrolet Bolt Brownsville

A Comfort To Drive

When you drive with the Chevy Bolt, it doesn't feel like an economy-class car. While it is not super quick, the electric motor only delivers about 200 hp; the Bolt has a smooth drive and near-instant acceleration thanks to the electric motor. The power and performance of the Chevy Bolt further enforce its position as a daily driver and commuter car for use in the city or around town.

What About The Cons of the Chevy Bolt?

The Chevy Bolt is not without its drawbacks. The shorter range than a luxury Tesla holds it back from being a road trip car for long trips. While newer models can charge at quick DC charging stations, a used Chevy Bolt cannot recover quickly and requires a 240v installation for optimal performance. Furthermore, there is little about the Chevy Bolt that stands out aesthetically. The interior resembles every other compact sedan, with basic infotainment and cloth seats. It goes further, with the exterior of the Bolt being a standard template shared by several other Chevy vehicles.

Should You Purchase A Used Chevy Bolt?

Absolutely! The Chevy Bolt is a master-crafted city car with a smaller price tag than other EVs. It has a lot to offer under its plain exterior. For your next used electric vehicle, consider checking out Charlie Clark Nissan. We have a vast selection of used cars, and our rotating inventory can be seen online or in person today!

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