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There are many reasons why car buyers look for a specific make and model. Sometimes they want power, sometimes they want durability, and sometimes they want to turn heads. But what happens if they want a reliable mix of all three? In that case, one of the vehicles they should seriously be considering is the Nissan Versa. In fact, if you were to check Webster’s Dictionary, you’d be surprised to learn that the definition for ‘versa’ does not include ‘reliability’, as that is what the Nissan Versa will bring to your motoring experience.

A Harlingen Nissan Versa is available from the Charlie Clark showroom, and from the showroom in McAllen too. No matter whether you are in the market for a new Versa in McAllen, or a used Versa in Harlingen, we will have the precise vehicle to suit!

All You Need to Know About the Latest Models of the Nissan Versa in McAllen or Harlingen

The Nissan Versa is one of the leading subcompact cars currently on the market, and that has been a place it has held since its introduction in 2007. The Versa is really a more compact version of the ultra-comfortable Nissan Altima, and recent models are lower in height and wider than previous ones for a better experience on the road.

No matter the make or model you are considering if you are looking for a subcompact vehicle, you are unlikely to find a better deal than with a Nissan Versa in terms of performance and safety on the road. The Versa has a proud reputation of always scoring highly whenever it is put through its paces during safety tests.

The Versa has room for up to five passengers, and no matter the load your Nissan vehicle will never become a gas-guzzler if you maintain it properly. You can expect an MPG of between 27 and 32 MPG in the city, and between 35 and 40 on the highway.

Power on the road via your Versa comes from a 1.6L 4-cylinder powertrain complete with variable automatic transmission or a five-speed stick-shift that will give you up to 122 hp.

The Key Benefits of Owning a Nissan Versa

• Comfort – there’s no doubt that the Nissan Versa offers the most comfortable ride of any subcompact vehicle within the same price bracket. Extras include automatic temperature control and heated seats to name just a few.

• Design – previous models of the Nissan Versa have hardly boasted an inspiring interior, but that changed in 2020 editions with the addition of high-end quality cloth and an aerodynamically designed dashboard.

• Power – there has always been a trade-off between power and fuel consumption, but that has not been a problem since the release of the 2020 Nissan Versa, with the fuel-efficient 1.6L engine now providing up to 122hp.

• Safety – Since 2020 the Nissan Versa has come with a number of safety options as standard, including brake-force distribution, traction control, lane assist and pedestrian detection.

The latest models of the Nissan Versa are available in a number of trims. The ‘S’ is the basic model, followed by the SV and the SR. The Versa is also available as a Sedan model.

Nissan Versa interior

Why Buy a Harlingen Nissan Versa From the Charlie Clark Family of Dealerships?

You may be nervous about buying a new Nissan Versa or one that has had previous owners. Purchasing a car is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in your lifetime (aside from a property, or that personal jet you’ve always promised yourself), so you’ll want to be assured of a decent vehicle-buying experience when you make your purchase. That is precisely what you experience when you buy your McAllen Nissan Versa from the good people at the Charlie Clark showroom.

Our new Harlingen Nissan Versa vehicles come fresh from the production facility, while our used McAllen Nissan Versa vehicles (also available in Harlingen) are mainly Certified Pre-owned, making them as reliable as possible. All our vehicles come with a lifetime warranty that includes oil changes and tire rotations, as long as you maintain the vehicle on an agreed upon maintenance schedule.

Begin your McAllen or Harlingen Nissan Versa hunt by looking through the inventory at the Charlie Clark showroom. You can of course call us at (956) 303-8719 (Harlingen) or (956) 291-4372 (McAllen), or contact us via our online email form.

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