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If you have been searching for a midsize family-focused sedan in the McAllen-Edinburgh area, look no further than the Nissan Altima selection at Charlie Clark Nissan. Fuel efficient, hard-working, and safe, the Nissan Altima is an excellent alternative to other pricier luxury sedans. Here we have a wide selection of new and used Nissan Altimas that are all geared up for a test drive. You can schedule an appointment by phone or check our available inventory online before your visit. Read on to find out what sets the Nissan Altima apart from others in its class.

Spacious Multiuse Interior

Whether or not it is sporting up to four passengers or hauling large items that wouldn't fit within a standard sedan or compact car, the Nissan Altima has plenty of room to spare. Stylish front seats, with heated options, that boast a sleek modern aesthetic offer unsurpassed comfort, reducing fatigue and joint pain on long drives or family excursions. The newest models deliver a leather-appointed style, while most older models include cloth seats. The discreet stereo and heat controls, with an optional touch screen in some models, complement the sleek interior while maximizing space and maintaining a smooth matte chrome and dark fiberglass aesthetic. In the back, there are 60-40 flip-down seats available on most newer models, allowing an optional additional passenger to be seated while still expanding the trunk space.

Excellent Mileage No Matter What

Muscling out many hybrids, the newest Nissan Altima has an EPA estimated 39 MPG on the highway, while even older models can contend with similar miles per gallon. This efficiency is even without a hybrid option! Newer models of the Nissan Altima have two engine options available within the sixth-generation, offering a 182 HP with available All-Wheel-Drive or a 248 HP (185 kW) 2.0-liter. However, keeping with the Altima's theme of efficiency, the older generations have a V6 powertrain that can reach up to 27 MPG in the city. The Altima offers an excellent and smooth driving experience regardless of engine option.

Innovations Mean Safety Comes First

Nissan is an industry leader in safety, and this family-focused vehicle takes no chances. As expected for a family-focused sedan, all newer models of the Nissan Altima come armed with Nissan's Safety Shield and 360 driver assistance technology. Almost all models have easily accessed child seat anchors and a superior crash reduction design.

Standard Features In Newer Models include: • Automatic Emergency Braking • Pedestrian Detection • Lane Departure Warnings • Blind Spot Detectors • Rear Traffic Alerts • Automatic High Beam Assistance

Whatever model or year, driving a Nissan Altima means keeping peace of mind no matter the cargo.

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Here at Charlie Clark Nissan McAllen-Edinburg, we offer peerless service and will assist you in finding your perfect vehicle. Come on down for a test drive or schedule online while checking out new and preowned inventory that is updated daily. We look forward to providing the best service possible for you with all of your car-buying needs!

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