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Get That New Or Used Nissan KICKS You've Always Wanted!

The Nissan Kicks is a crossover vehicle that’s highly customizable as it comes with a magnificent array of potential upgrades. This vehicle made its debut in 2014 but production did not commence until 2016 and introduction into the US came in 2017. If you are in the market for a subcompact crossover SUV, then a Harlingen Nissan Kicks could be the perfect vehicle for you.

A Harlingen or McAllen Nissan Kicks is a Current Market Leader for Crossover SUVs

There are lots of reasons to fall in love with a Nissan Kicks. For a start, you will not get a better crossover compact SUV for the price you’ll pay for either a new or Harlingen used Nissan Kicks. If you want to upgrade from the most basic trim, then the additional outlay will hardly drain your wallet or purse.

Unlike other vehicles in its class, a McAllen used Nissan Kicks or a new model will not drain your wallet or purse when it comes to repeated trips to the gas station as well. Your Nissan Kicks will give you, on average, 31 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway which is extremely impressive. The reason for this is the Nissan Kicks’ light frame, as the base trim weighs in at an outstanding 2,700 pounds. Even when fully laden with passengers and cargo, your Kicks will still bless you with its super-efficient fuel economy.

There is a downside to this though – the standard Nissan Kicks engine is hardly the most powerful, so don’t expect face-stretching acceleration when you’re pulling off from a stop sign. This is barely a factor though – if you’re buying a crossover SUV you’re obviously in the market for an efficient and reliable automobile, and not one that’s going to burn rubber every time you move off from a standing start.

Nissan Kicks Interior Harlingen

A McAllen or Harlingen Nissan Kicks Gives Comfort Like No Other Crossover SUV

Even the base trim of your Harlingen used Nissan Kicks comes with a number of standard yet advanced features that really set it apart from similar SUV models currently on the market. You and your passengers can enjoy the infotainment system via a 7-inch touchscreen (you can upgrade to 8-inch with advanced trims), with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto being available.

If you’re driving along and you or any of your passengers find that their devices are low on charge then no worries – the Nissan Kicks is there for you with three USB ports as standard, and even a USB Type-C port on superior trims.

Some people ignore a Kicks in Harlingen or McAllen when seeking a crossover SUV as they are dismayed by what they believe to be the vehicle’s small size. However, one of the real charms of the Nissan Kicks is its surprising capacity. The vehicle seats five and makes sure all passengers can sit in supreme comfort. If you are more worried about transporting cargo than people the back seat splits to add yet more cargo space, which is an impressive 32.3 cubic feet of space even with the seats up.

For All Around Reliability and Convenience, a McAllen or Harlingen Nissan Kicks is the Way Forward

If your travels see you mostly driving around the city and the suburbs, then the Nissan Kicks is the perfect fit, with its nimble maneuverability and outstanding fuel economy. If you are on the search for a new or used Nissan Kicks in McAllen or Harlingen, then please check the current inventory of the Charlie Clark Nissan showroom in Harlingen. Contact us any time at 855-400-8388, or online through our contact form.

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