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What do you look for in an electric vehicle? Is it the reliability of an electric motor? The utility and eco-friendliness? A long-range? Or a combination of them all alongside a little sprinkling of luxury? Suppose you have been searching for a top-quality used EV, you may want to consider a Tesla Model Y. Using the excellent Tesla Model 3 as a baseline. In that case, the Model Y is one of Tesla's newest electric vehicle classifications, and it styles itself as a battery-electric compact crossover. Want to know more? Find out everything you need to know about the Tesla Model Y below.


Getting one of the most popular features out of the way first, yes, the Model Y features Tesla's proprietary Autopilot self-driving program. Autopilot is a level 2 autonomous driving system that makes cruise control look like a technology from the stone age. With the ability to adjust speed in traffic, maintain lane centering even on curvy roads, and feature state-of-the-art pedestrian safety, Autopilot is something that can sometimes sell a Tesla on its own. Furthermore, your operating system will never go out of date. So even in a used Tesla Model Y, you can expect to have the most up-to-date software and performance patches.

Used Tesla Model Y Brownsville

Battery, Charging, And Performance

Many EVs on the market tend to reach their limit of just over 200 miles on a single charge. Still, not the Tesla Model Y. With performance comparable to other luxury vehicles of the same class, with top-end models getting over 400 horsepower and near-instant torque delivery, the Tesla Model Y has surprising power and a maximum range of 303 miles in long-range trims. However, even the shorter-ranged RWD models can still get a staggering 279 miles without having to stop for some juice.

So how long does it take to charge? The Tesla Model Y features access to Tesla's ever-growing network of roadside supercharger stations, allowing for the Model Y to recover as many as 200 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes. Furthermore, thanks to Tesla's integrated GPS, you can plot your road trip with consideration for Supercharger stations, ensuring you will never be stuck without charge for the whole route. The Tesla Model Y can take quite a bit to charge up at home, but it's more than fast enough to make your daily commute. For a 10%-90% charge in a 240v outlet, your Tesla Model Y will take about 11.5 hours to recover its charge. Although, unless you are consistently going over 300 miles a day, this is likely not a significant consideration.

Tesla's Unique Interior

The Tesla Model Y is a sleek, modern, and aesthetic vehicle that ditches many of the traditional trappings of conventional cars to minimize clutter and keep things clean. The dash is devoid of your usual gauge cluster, with everything save the essentials being shifted over to the colossal 15-inch touchscreen display that is more reminiscent of a sci-fi spaceship control center than an infotainment screen. Everything from climate to your vehicle's vitals can be viewed and controlled from the touchscreen, freeing up all of the usual knobs or switches that other less modern vehicles still feature.

Used Tesla Model Y Brownsville

Is It Worth The Price?

Used Tesla Model Ys may be the best way to get into a Tesla. While it may be more expensive than other EVs of the same model year and class, the Tesla Model Y brings more power, more control, and more comfort than any other of its contemporaries.

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