Nissan Ariya Vs. Tesla Model Y

If you now only consider an electric vehicle and your budget is too tight for a Tesla Model Y, why not consider the Nissan Ariya? This new EV from Nissan is a direct replacement for the Nissan Leaf and is regarded as the brightest addition to the Nissan range. It’s a compact crossover SUV with five doors that’s got many EV fans very excited.

How does the Nissan Ariya match up to the Tesla Model Y? We’re going to make a direct Nissan Ariya Vs. Tesla Model Y comparison to find out.

The Nissan Ariya Vs. Tesla Model Y Comparison – Which is the Better EV for Your Money?

Nissan and Tesla have already gone head-to-head with the comparison between the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. Now, the auto brands are at it again, although this time Tesla has got in first with the launch of the Tesla Model Y in 2019, followed by the first deliveries in 2020. The Nissan Ariya was scheduled for launch in 2021, but because of COVID-19 and other reasons, the launch was delayed until 2022.

There are only two versions of the Tesla Model Y – Performance and Long-Range. The Long-Range model has a combined output of 434 hp, which is pretty impressive, although the Performance trim ups this to 483 hp. The Performance can reach a top speed of 155 mph with a zero-to-sixty capacity of 3.6 seconds. The Long-Range maxes out at 135 mph and can reach 60 from a standing start in 4.8 seconds. The Long-Range trim also has a maximum range of 330 miles.

You have more choices with the Nissan Ariya. Drivers can match standard and extended range trims with single or dual-motor variants. All Nissan Ariya cars in North America are powered by a 91kWH battery with a 300-mile range.

The standard Nissan Ariya trim pumps out a steady 235 hp which may sound a little feeble, but it gets you where you need to be. If you move up to the e4orce AWD trim, you can crank that up to 389 hp.

As you might expect, there is one aspect where the Nissan Ariya completely outstrips the Tesla Model Y: price. For the equivalent trim, you are paying over $10,000 less for the Nissan Ariya than the Tesla Model Y.

Design and Functionality – Nissan Ariya Vs. Tesla Model Y – Which Comes Out on Top?

The Tesla Model Y is a hatchback SUV with room for up to seven people, although the second-row seats can fold flat for increased storage. Unfortunately, this adaptability seems to be at the expense of comfort, as the third-row seats have drawn criticism for being awkward to sit on for extended periods.

The Nissan Ariya sacrifices passenger capacity for comfort as it can only seat five, but all five passengers are seated in pristine, cushioned seats. The cargo space of the Ariya is impressive at 59.7 cubic feet, which is just about double what the Tesla Model Y can offer.

Regarding all-around ability, it’s clear that the Nissan Ariya is the winner in this matchup. The Tesla Model Y may win on power and acceleration, but that’s hardly worth paying an extra $10,000 for at a minimum. The Nissan Ariya is comfortable, reliable, and very good-looking and could soon dominate the crossover market globally for EVs.

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