Nissan Rogue vs. Ford Edge

Compact and full-sized SUVs are two of the most popular types of vehicles on the road today. The small but mighty Nissan Rogue and the hulking Ford Edge are two shining examples of modern sport utility vehicles. While they are two different types, the Rogue being compact and the Edge having a full-sized body, there are several notes of comparison when considering a new or preowned SUV. So, what are the differences, and which is better?

Performance, Engine, And Power Comparison

First off, the Ford Edge comes armed with the following engine options:

  • 250-hp, 2.0-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline)
  • 335-hp, 2.7-liter, V6 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline)

In comparison, the Nissan Rogue only has one engine option in a gasoline-powered 201-hp, 1.5-liter, 3 Cylinder Engine. Additionally, the Ford Edge has only all-wheel drive models, while the Rogue can choose between all-wheel or front-wheel drive. In terms of performance on the road, the Ford Edge can pick up speed a bit quicker, yet, its larger body and heavier weight make it feel like turning a boat. These engine types differ in range, power, and efficiency. The Nissan Rogue has a moderate towing capacity of 1,500 lbs which it shares with the baseline 250-hp Ford Edge. However, the much larger 335-hp Edge can tackle larger loads of up to 3,500 lbs. Nevertheless, This power does come at a price, as the Ford Edge has an abysmal MPG in the city of 19 - 21 MPG and 25 - 28 MPG on the highway. In contrast, the Edge boasts 28 - 30 MPG in the city and 34 - 37 MPG on the highway. Which engine is better? This race is too close to call. While the Ford Edge has a greater power level, the Nissan Rogue wins in versatility and lower cost per mile.

Interior, Design, And Features

The Nissan Rogue and Ford Edge are comparable in size, yet, there are a few standout differences.

  • Leg Room Winner: Nissan Rogue has a bit more room in the front end. Although, the Ford Edge does have a couple of extra inches in the back.
  • Head Room Winner: Ford Edge with an extra inch of headspace.
  • Cargo Space Winner: Nissan Rogue, by a slim margin, the Nissan Rogue has about 2 Cu. Ft. more cargo space in total.
  • Seating: The models are equal, and both seat five, with the option to flip down the back row for extra cargo space.

Here the Nissan Rogue wins out by a slight margin. While both vehicles are very close in terms of dimensions, the Rogue manages to have more overall space, despite its compact design.

Price And Future Costs Over The Vehicle's Lifetime

In terms of price, there is little to no comparison. The Nissan Rogue has a much smaller price tag and comes in at around $10,000 less than the Edge for newer models. Furthermore, the Nissan Rogue has superior gas mileage and will go longer with less when compared to the Ford Edge. While the Edge does offer Ford's warranties on new and used vehicles, Nissan has similar warranty and maintenance needs.

Concluding Remarks

So which is better? It's a close race overall; however, the Nissan Rogue takes the slight lead. The Ford Edge can provide a decent towing capacity, but beyond that, the Rogue is equal or greater in almost all other respects.

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Why the Nissan Rogue Stands Above the Toyota Rav4 | Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen

There has never been a time in US automobile purchasing history like the present day when it comes to the popularity of compact SUVs. Sport-utility vehicles offer a compact yet spacious size, comfort and versatility, all of which makes them supremely popular. Companies such as Nissan, Ford and Toyota are always keen to gain as much of the market share as they can when it comes to this important vehicle niche.

As we reach the end of 2020 the new model year commences and two of the US’s leading vehicle manufacturers – Nissan and Toyota – have released new versions of their best-selling SUVs. For Nissan it’s the Rogue and for Toyota it’s the RAV4 Prime. These vehicles each year go neck-and-neck for the number one spot in the list of premier SUVs and 2021 is not going to be any different. One vehicle though has to take that number one spot – the question is, which?

The 2021 Version of the Nissan Rogue is Adequately Designed to Turn Heads

People who claimed that the 2020 version of the Rogue was too “cute” are likely to be satisfied by the stylistic changes made to the 2021 model which has a more dynamic design. The dramatic front end has the distinctive Nissan-style LED headlights, and the vehicle sits 0.2 inches closer to the road. It is also one and a half inches shorter.

Inside, the new Rogue offers a stylish, comfortable ride for both driver and passengers, complete with an electronic shifter as opposed to a bulky mechanical one. This makes more storage space available up front, which is something in common with the rest of the vehicle. To add to the comfort the Rogue’s console has Google Maps, Waze and wireless Apple CarPlay, and to add to the convenience a wireless smartphone charger and USB charging ports.

The Rogue has a 2.5-liter DOHC direct-injection 4-cylinder engine that provides 181hp and an estimated fuel economy of 28 mpg.

Toyota’s RAV4 in 2021 May Disappoint Those Who Were Expecting a Little Bit More

Like the 2021 Rogue, the new RAV4 has been made to look a little more aggressive, with the vehicle’s front end being made to look more like a truck than a traditional SUV. Approach the RAV4 from the front and you’ll be impressed by the extended overhang and typically Toyota-look grille.

The 2021 RAV4’s interior makes even the base model look like a luxurious one. Drivers will appreciate the finely-tuned driving position and the intuitive controls. Just like the Rogue there is plenty of storage space and easy-folding seats for when transporting more than just passengers. The infotainment and display aspects of the 2021 RAV4 are a little disappointing though when compared to the Rogue.

The RAV4 has a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine combined with all-wheel-drive electric motors. Electric power is provided by a lithium-ion battery pack but with a driving range of only 40 miles.

While there seems little to choose between these two popular SUVs it seems likely that most people would favor the 2021 version of the Nissan Rogue over the same model year of the Toyota RAV4. In terms of performance there is little difference between them, but if you want the more comfortable drive then it’s got to be the Rogue. The Rogue also has a deceptively stellar amount of storage space which of course adds to its versatility.

The Rogue is also the better-looking vehicle of the two, with the SV trim perhaps being the version to go for if you want to turn the heads of the people that you drive past.

For the 2021 Model of the Nissan Rogue or any Nissan Vehicle, Contact Charlie Clark Nissan

If you are sold on the Nissan Rogue – the 2021 version or any other recent year - then the best place to get your hands on the wheel of one is at the Charlie Clark Nissan showroom in Harlingen, Texas. We always have a decent variety of new and preowned Nissan vehicles in our inventory, so make sure that you go take a look!

If you want to speak to any member of our team, just pick up your phone and call us at (956) 303-9414. You can also contact us using our online contact form.

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