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There is no doubt that events in the US since the turn of 2020 have been far from the norm, and for many of us it’s been a case of taking a financial hit. Although we are now hopefully on the road to recovery, it’s important for most people that they find ways to cut down on the amount of money they spend.

One way you can cut down on your spending is to adopt better driving techniques. The more effectively you drive, the less fuel you will use. This means fewer trips to the gas station and less spending on fuel.

Here are some top tips you ought to follow if you want to lower your vehicle’s MPG.

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Drive Passively, not Aggressively

Most journeys are about getting from point A to point B safely. Sometimes there are time constraints, but if you plan your journey well and give yourself plenty of time, then there should be no reason to rush.

A journey is not an adrenalin-filled NASCAR event. If you are accelerating up full speed at every opportunity and braking sharply at the last second, then all you are doing is burning fuel for the sake of it. An aggressive driver typically burns between 10 and 15 percent more fuel per trip than a passive one.

Aggressive drivers are also more likely to cause fender benders than passive drivers. This could mean repair bills, higher insurance premiums and even additional legal costs.

The Slower You Drive, the Less Fuel You Use

Many people consider the speed limit set on highways to be a challenge – to see how far they can creep above it without alerting the attention of law enforcement agencies. If this describes you, then you are paying a premium for your ‘daring’ ways.

Most cars are built so that they achieve maximum fuel efficiency at between 40 and 50 mph. The faster you go beyond that point, the more fuel you will burn – driving at a consistent 80 mph for example will drop your vehicle’s fuel economy by between 10 and 15 percent.

Naturally, on some roads you may incur the wrath of your fellow road users if you are creeping along at 50 mph, but if you stay within the speed limit (and therefore remain lawful!) as opposed to sitting 5-10 mph above it, you will save fuel and therefore money.

Pack Light

The lighter your vehicle is on the road, the better its fuel economy. We are not suggesting you go on a diet here, but if you typically haul around items in your vehicle that you only need on rare occasions, then you are wasting money. Every 100 pounds that you carry in your vehicle reduces your fuel economy by one to two percent.

A roof-top box on your vehicle is a great and convenient way to haul cargo, but if you leave the roof-top box on your vehicle’s roof when it is empty or not needed, then you are severely reducing the fuel economy of your vehicle for no reason whatsoever. The ‘drag factor’ of the box can reduce the MPG-rating of your car by as much as 25 percent on the interstate. The best policy therefore is to remove your roof-top box when it is not required or invest in a rear-mounted cargo box or tray instead.

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