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Searching for your next Dodge Harlingen? Then the place you need to be heading to is the Charlie Clark Nissan Dealership on the Western Expressway. We know what you are going to ask – why go to a Nissan dealership when you are after a Dodge Harlingen vehicle? The answer to that is easy – it’s because we are the number one car dealership in Harlingen, and we always have a very good variety of quality preowned Dodge vehicles ready for your consideration.

At the Charlie Clark Nissan dealership in Harlingen, we have built up an incredible reputation for the excellent levels of customer service that we provide. Why not pay us a visit, or check out our inventory online to see what Charlie Clark Nissan is all about?

The Perfect Place to Find Your Next Dodge Harlingen Vehicle – Charlie Clark Nissan

Dodge is one of the prime vehicle manufacturers in North America and is a name that’s synonymous with quality vehicles in the United States. Founded by brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1900, Dodge has been at the forefront of automobile manufacturing for over one hundred years. Now owned by the global automotive company Stellantis, Dodge remains one of the top five automakers in the world, alongside Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai and General Motors.

Here are examples of the quality Dodge Harlingen vehicles we will be able to supply to you:

• Dodge Charger – possibly Dodge’s flagship vehicle, the Dodge Charger was revealed as long ago as 1964 and this sporty vehicle, now on its seventh generation, is still in production today. The Charger has gone through several iterations, including hatchbacks, muscle cars and even luxury coupes. Motorists today will probably know it best as a four-door sedan. With its supercharged 6.2L HEMI high-output SRT V8 engine, the Charger is the most powerful mass-produced sedan available anywhere in the world.

• Dodge Durango – a much more recent addition to the Dodge range, the Durango is a mid-sized SUV that was first produced in 1998. The Durango was ‘promoted’ to a full-sized SUV in 2004 but dropped back to mid-sized with the 2011 iteration and is a cousin of the Dodge Dakota, although those vehicles were withdrawn from production in 2009. The latest iterations of the Durango have all the tech add-ons you’d expect, such as wireless charging pads and a 19-speaker audio system.

• Dodge Challenger – the first Dodge Challenger arrived in 1969 as a value version of the Dodge Silver Challenger. The Challenger name was actually retired in 1983 but was brought back in 2008 as a sporty yet affordable compact coupe. Upper trims of the Challenger are capable of generating a staggering 807hp thanks to Dodge’s innovative 6.2L high-output HEMI V8 engine making it the most powerful mass-produced vehicle on the face of the plant.

We Have Quality Dodge Harlingen Vehicles for you, but Have You Considered Nissans too?

While we don’t have any doubts that we can supply you with the perfect Dodge Harlingen vehicle for you, have you considered a Nissan vehicle as an alternative? If so, then Charlie Clark Nissan is the place for you! We have an excellent range of brand-new Nissan cars, trucks, SUVs and vans in stock at all times, plus we can offer you an extensive range of certified preowned (CPO) vehicles too.

So, what are you waiting for? For the best value Dodge Harlingen vehicles that your hard-earned dollars can buy, head to the Charlie Clark Nissan dealership on the Western Expressway in Harlingen or check out our inventory online. You can speak to a member of our friendly sales team at any time at (956) 300-8076, or you can contact us online here.

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